Stewardship with mud on its boots

It’s about hard work and making a difference. To us, non-industrial farming can and should positively impact broader social and environmental goals. From healthier soil to a healthier job market, we believe regenerative farming is about doing better.

Our Mt. Folly

Our farm has been in the same family for nearly two centuries. We dedicated many fruitful years to Laura’s Lean Beef, an early pioneer of hormone- and antibiotic-free beef products.

Today, we raise non-GMO and organic feed grain, rye, and corn for our distillery, USDA-certified organic hemp for CBD, and a cattle herd for climate-smart beef. We partner with research organizations to study organic and regenerative practices and understand the nutritional impact of raising crops and cattle on healthy soil.

our Ohio River valley

Our region has more small and mid-sized farms than many parts of the US. It’s also home to many struggling rural communities. We believe in our home base and are working to improve local and regional food supply chains to improve the health of the Ohio River Valley’s economy and people. 

Our Farmers

We are building a network of smart farmers in the Ohio River Valley. Through our partnership with the USDA, we are linking our farmers to regional brands to help you find and purchase healthy food and plant medicine grown holistically to improve our land, air, and water. Because the more we move toward a small farm future, the better our world will be.

catch us in the wild.

Our products are raised, grown, and sold throughout the Ohio River Valley Region. Find us in your neighborhood.

Workin’ something fierce

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