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We are building a network of smart farmers in the Ohio River Valley. Our farmers handle the everyday challenges of unstable weather and the economy through holistic management, building healthy soil, publicly recognizing agriculture as a climate solution, and producing wholesome food. 

Here’s how it works.

Our network farmers

  • Currently manage a farm between 100 – 1,000 acres OR qualify as historically underserved by the USDA and operate a smaller acreage (check if you qualify)
  • Want to improve and receive credit for your regenerative agricultural practices
  • Want to help build price-premium markets for ecologically responsible and climate-smart products

Here’s how it works.

  • Get in touch with one of our Project Team Leads and schedule a farm visit.
  • Figure out which climate-smart practices are or can be part of your operation.
  • A little paperwork. It's the government, ya know how that is...
  • Budget for and receive a $10k infrastructure investment towards accomplishing those selected practices.
  • Receive an additional $750 stipend upon establishing selected practices and $750 at the close of the grant soil monitoring period in the summer of 2028.
  • Join us for educational programming and market-building action to help build a strong regional food system for the long haul.

Let’s better our farm future together.

Get in touch to learn more or complete the form to start the process.

Talk to one of our program leaders.

Alice melendez

Join other farmers to learn best-practices for smart land management

These events are offered at no cost thanks to support from the USDA – National Institute for Food and Agriculture.

March 19th – Holistic Management half-day “Key Principles for Regen Ag Success

  • “Key Principles for Regenerative Agriculture Success” taught by Wayne Knight, Executive Director of Holistic Management International with 27 years of ranching experience using Holistic Management.
  • Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill -3501 Lexington Road, Harrodsburg KY 40330- which has a farm within our network, is offering a room special for $99+ tax to anyone coming to the event, good for the nights of the 18th or 19th. There’s no promo code, just tell them you’re with the HMI course and they’ll set it up. Call Shaker Village at 859.734.5411
  • Free registration and organizer contact info at Ticket Tailor Events

May 22 - Stock density trial field day

  • This one-of-a-kind group mentorship opportunity is designed to fit the needs and busy schedules of real-world farmers running businesses on the land. The mentorship consists of four in person modules covering holistic planning and decision making, stock density trialing, economic analysis, and business evaluation. It will be hosted on farms across our region, with self-paced remote consultations in between. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with peer producers across our region and take your farm business to the next level.
  • RAMP 1 is “Precursors to Grazing & Safe to Fail Workshop Two Day”. Safe to Fail is a chance to see what 1 million pounds of livestock per acre looks like in person in a small enough space that you can afford to leave it alone for a year. Together we will watch what happens with intense animal impact and long recovery time, mimicking as effectively as possible the herd effect that built the Great Plains of North America millennia ago.
  • Call Alice for more info about the complete series 859-556-0112

June 11-13th – SilvoPro Training collaboration with Rural Action

SilvoPro is a 3-day training for producers, agricultural professionals, and technical service providers who want to take agriculture to new heights by implementing silvopasture. <> Rural Action is delighted to host Austin Unruh and his team at Trees for Graziers for this 3-day training, held at United Plant Savers.

Silvopasture is the managed integration of trees, livestock and forage. Austin is the founder of Trees For Graziers and author of The Grazier’s Guide to Trees, built TFG into a leading silvopasture and conservation implementation company. In this course the TFG team shares all they have learned through years of applied practice so you can fast-track your own silvopasture career and practice.

  • Visit working farms that have implemented silvopasture at scale
  • Dive deep into the process of developing silvopasture plans
  • Interact with a cohort of fellow practitioners
  • Learn how to spread silvopasture in your region
  • Open up real professional opportunities.

There are limited spots for this 3-day training! If you are interested in ONLY attending day two, when we will be visiting silvopasture sites in southeast Ohio, you can purchase tickets for just that day.

Purchase Tickets Here!

June 6 @ 6 - Webinar to troubleshoot your own safe to fail stock density trials

October 25-27th – Heritage Food Festival

On-site camping festival with music and workshops The mission of the fest is to build skills among people in the Ohio River valley for raising processing preparing and sharing food in traditional ways to improve the health of our people and our land, and to prepare the way for a capable response to an uncertain future. If you are interested in volunteering or teaching, fill out the interest form here.

July 11 @ 7- Farmers for Freedom @ the Distillery - 31 E. Broadway

Supported by the USDA Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities.

NRCS standards for relevant practices

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