we raise, make, and sell the best of what our land provides.

Our full-spectrum CBD is grown from USDA-certified organic hemp for optimal health and wellness benefits

We uphold the long tradition of rebellious farmer distillers. Aged in Kentucky tobacco barns, our fine whiskey is truly farm to bottle.

Our products are good for the soil, good for the environment, and good for you. And are all rooted and raised in the Ohio River Valley.

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Farmers who embrace the folly

We keep our food closer to home to better the health of our local communities and economies. And to keep our farmers farming.

High standards & hard work

Good For the Soil

We raise our products in a way that increases natural carbon, which leads to a happier microbiome — getting us closer to a stable climate and a healthier human race. 

good for the farmers

Our products increase farmers’ income and livelihood. And when farmers benefit, so do the rural towns and villages surrounding the farms. 

Good for YOU

We grow and raise products that are USDA-certified organic, local, and fed non-GMO or organic grain, hay, and silage. Because the healthier choices we make on the farm, the healthier you’ll feel.

A man standing next to a tractor and a wooden barrel.

catch us in the wild.

Our products are raised, grown, and sold throughout the Ohio River Valley Region. Find us in your neighborhood.

Workin’ something fierce

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