We are Farmers

Farmers know the score.

Too much rain. Too little rain. Late frost. Blasting sun. Sick animals. Broken machines. Fences need mending. Thin profit margins, if there is profit at all. From the outside, it looks foolish.

We understand farmers because we are farmers. We are stubborn and gritty. We are proud.

We don’t just embrace the folly.

We are Mt. Folly.

Our people

We are a community of regenerative farmers and advocates working to restore the people and places of our region.

We’re motivated advocates

We always stand up for what’s ours: our people, our places, our resources, making sure we get what we work for. 

We’re aggressive problem-solvers

We’re relentless about the “how,” trying and failing until we find the best methods for the best outcomes.

We’re rooted connectors

We’re tied to our land and where we come from, empowering and collaborating with other farmers working hard to do good. 

We’re unapologetic stewards

We’re honest about what’s hard and what’s good, doing whatever takes to make our community a better place.

Our history

Agricultural innovator and entrepreneur Laura Freeman is a seventh-generation Kentucky landowner, farmer, and regenerative agriculturalist. The land base of Mt. Folly has been in Laura’s family since the 1830s. Before she took over the land in 1981, the farm had been a pioneer subsistence farm, a tobacco farm, a dairy, a sheep ranch, and a conventional cow and calf operation. She imagined she was taking over a very big organic garden. In truth, the farm was failing as a cattle operation at a time when many farms were coming apart in a true American farm crisis.

After attending the National Cattlemen’s Association meeting in 1983, she decided to start a beef company which raised cattle without antibiotics or growth hormones. She was determined to find a way to market finished products directly to consumers.

Today Mt. Folly raises non-GMO and organic feed grain, rye and corn for our distillery, CBD hemp, and a beef herd that has been adapting to the farm for decades. We collaborate with research organizations to study organic and regenerative practices on our lands and are developing a partnership to further study the nutritional impact of raising crops and cattle on healthy soil.

Workin’ something fierce

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